What are the tools needed to build a metaverse world?

Interested in building my own metaverse world…what are the tools I can use to do this??

From reading Ben Nolan’s interviews and scraps from online forums, I have found the ingredients for Cryptovoxels

Bablyson.js is a free, open source engine that is simple and easy to use. Babylon also has a very active community that is willing to help and get on board to resolve issues. It has no game editor, but it has plug-ins to link it with Unity, Unreal, Blender and other 3D apps

WebGL, a browser based implementation of the OpenGL 3D standard. It is really light, fast and easy to use. WebGO can do field effects, color blending or the same scenario rendered multiple times in different resolutions and angles.

I know fuck all about Ethereum, but this is a good explainer from reddit:

I think it’s just parcel/wearables ownership that is handled by ethereum. Plus any NFTs that can be displayed in world, but that isn’t really CV’s functionality.

Writing to blockchain costs gas and it would be super costly to record i.e. individuals walking around or even hold information about individual voxels on parcels on chain. And you would have to pay the gas, so you would know.

It is javascript implementation and framework for development server-side of web-sites in javascript.

I.e. close to what PHP, Python, Ruby or Java will give you in sense of building web-apps.