Monetising your NFTs in the metaverse

Okay, this is post is about monetising your NFTs in the metaverse…

To be clear: I’m not talking about direct monetising here, but how to use NFTs as collateral for other projects…

It revolves around this sexy lil protocol called Taker Token

Lets just go into NFTs first.

NFTs are look cool, they doo cool stuff, but you can’t do much with these assets, at least in the context of De-Fi.

taker changes all that and it works quite simply.

  1. Choose an NFT you want to collateralise and you enter into the system.

  2. Different lenders then bid on the offer and you select the loan that works for you

  3. The borrower then pays the borrower back with interest using TAI token…

Cross Chain
Taker is cross chain meaning it can be used mainly to buy and sell assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Nevertheless, you can of course use it for other assets, depending on the blockchain.

DAO Governance
DAO governance is used here. Holders of the token, will get votes to change the protocol.

Layer 2
Taker uses polygon to reduce gas fees etc

Holders of Taker can get dividends from the protocol and staking rewards as well…

B20 investors be looking into this to recoup the lost cash

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