Knights - What On Earth Is Going On With Axie Infinity?

From .3 in November to 43$ is 14,300%

Fucking nuts…

All started with this gem of a vid. Such a dope story:

There’s a lot to love here knights:

-Mark Cuban is an investor

-similar to Pokemon, therefore its easy for people to ‘get’

-gamers spend so much money on games, yet they never ‘own’ their assets. This disrupts older gaming companies and older revenue models.

-350k daily active users and growing insanely fast:

-runs on the ronin network which reduces transaction times and keeps gas fees low

World-class game, or world-class ponzi scheme

Zat is the question!!

I think the fuss has died down lol

Sure bout that @Man ???

a16z are really not fucking around

its cool, but i definitely feels like a pump and dump

once the speculation ends, the party will end…