Is aragon a good play on the metaverse?

Looking into tokens which act as call-options on the metaverse…

would aragon fit into this category??

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On closer inspection, Aragon looks pretty solid:

But what’s Aragon actually all about?

Imagine a future whereby r/wallstreetbets is one of the most powerful financial organisations in the world. With a $100 billion crypto-treasury, wallstreetbets is so powerful, the ministers of nation states must appear on the DAOs livestream and YOLO government spending on hookers, or drink their own piss, to convince r/wsb to offer liquidity to their failing governments. Finance ministers across the world balk at this behaviour, but the younger, progressive ministers believe its essential to play the game, to bring government into the twenty first century. In this future, the de-centralised token protocol Aragon powers the organisation. It ensures wallstreetbets is answerable only to the community and that it can never be shut down by foreign governments…

Here’s some cool stuff Aragon offers:

  1. De-centralised And Censorship Governance

Aragon is completely de-centralised and offers a mode of governance that is answerable to nobody. This might not seem like much, but think that almost all tech platforms have a duty to obey their governments, but Aragon is free of all that.

your mother.

  1. Smart

Aragon is built using smart contracts on the ethereum mainnet.

  1. Fast, Easy And Customisable

Aragon offers a modular structure, whereby DAOs can be created both incredibly fast with a large range of customisable options.

Investing in aragon is line a call option on supra-national organisations operating in the metaverse…

…it could be an absolute beast!!!

lol wallstreetbets mega treasury :sunglasses:

I would YOLO dat shit