How can I invest in the metaverse?

It’s pretty clear the metaverse is one of the biggest investment trends going…how can I get on board the metaverse train?

One very cool project is Basic Attention Token. I can see this bad boy being the advertising infrastructure of crazy, virtual worlds of da phuture…

Basic Attention Token Summary
The principle is pretty simple. The founder of BAT is Brendan Eich, founder of Mozilla. Users can use the company’s Brave Browser to search the internet for content. Advertisers then pay BAT to access these consumers. Brave then pass on a small amount of the fees to users.

Token Economics
Supply - 1.5 billion BAT (all released)
Market Cap - 1 billion
Volume - $214m

The thesis here is simple. Whichever browser you use, you are going to get ads. Why not get paid for looking at the ads?

A lot of people seem to believe in the idea. Brave has 24 million users - a number than has been rising rapidly over the pandemic:

Some other cool stuff about the brave browser
-it doesn’t store user data
-it finds a way for advertising to survive in the era of ad blockers (where ads are being killed)
-it is an attack on big tech (prob something everyone agrees on)
-Brave’s ad system is less aggressive
-it supports publishers rather than trying to kill them off like big tech

So yeah, BAT for the metaverse!!!

Why not take it easy and get a nice 30 year mortgage on a Cryptovoxels property in the metaverse??? :rofl: