Highly Under-Rated Metaverse Book

I came across this book last summer, definitely worth a look and is under-rated

It’s called “Becoming Monday” and is written by G.W. Constable

Man’s got experience in entrepreneurship and virtual worlds according to his bio:

G.W. Constable has spent over a quarter-century in software startups as a product leader and entrepreneur, building many Internet marketplaces and, in the mid-2000s, virtual worlds and virtual economies.

Anyway the book chronicles a self-aware AI realising he is becoming a super computer.

What’s interesting though is the author’s vision of how the metaverse plays out. For G.W. Constable, the metaverse becomes a super highway for commerce that exists outside the nation state and ultimately crushes it. Some experts that jumped out at me:

The VNET is the author’s name for the metaverse

Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 23.36.28

Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 23.37.50

The book is not only about the metaverse, nevertheless it has some fascinating perspectives on it.

At $3 on kindle, it is definitely worth flicking through to glean some insights on the world we are slowly entering…

Author’s website, worth looking into:


If you guys are like me, I love any opportunity to learn more about this shit…