Has anyone heard of the NFT game Alien Worlds? Anyone invest in it?

I came across this game Alien Worlds a few days ago…

According to Coindesk, its the…

I am always skeptical with crypto and especially with anything with words “NFT” or “Metaverse” in their titles, even though I am fucking stoked for the real metaverse…

Anyone know anything about it?

I am looking over this and it honestly looks like a fraud. So many red flags.

Firstly, their instagram. It has been created a few weeks ago and it suddenly has 10k followers. Then all the likes are from people with <10 followers :rofl:


There’s loads of the same nonsense comments from people:

Secondly, all sorts of crazy activity happening with bots:

Are people gaming the system with bots, or is the game an entire fraud with bots


If you theoretically bought up loads of tokens and drove up the price. You could create a sort-of-ponzi scheme dynamics where errrryone buys and you pump/dump for millions…

I am 100% there will be stories of people doing this after this speculative mania is over…

Finally my favourite:

Definitely what you would expect from a healthy crypto project!

Sign me up please!!!

seems like a great opprtunity :joy: