Great book about the metaverse

For those interested in virtual worlds, I read something this year which was absolutely cracking:


I read this book in the heat of lockdown and it absolutely blew my mind…here are some notes about the project which might be interesting

Virtual Worlds Never Go Away
With few exceptions, virtual worlds never go away. `this is absolutely astonishing in the context of games, where an industry rule of thumb holds that approximately 95% of titles fail and disappear from the shelves within six weeks. By contrast, the seven year-old world of ultima online still has more than 1500,00 paying subscribers… synthetic worlds, it seems, almost never die. P.56

Metaverse Will Compete With Reality
Virtual worlds will compete with real-life. On earth, there are many roles people would like to play, but that have no economic use (blacksmith, aspiring artist). If you were CEO of Earth, you would be very nervous about the exciting, engaging competitors emerging…

The Economics Of Virtual Worlds
-they cost a lot to build, but not a lot to run. You don’t need many subscribers to keep a world going…the cost is upfront in building the world…

Synthetic World Will Have Huge Impact
Jamaica had a population of 2m people, but itv gave the world reggae. Synthetic worlds already have a population greater than Jamaica. In May 2020, Fortnite had 350 million players.

The people who immerse themselves in virtual worlds are highly educated…

I would highly, highly recommend this book! It is really good.

I’m also a big fan, great book