Facebook's metaverse ambitions - what are we thinking?

Zuck just announced that he is going all in the ‘metaverse’

To be fair, the man has an insane ability to see trends coming in from the distance. His bets on instagram and whatsapp were prescient in their own right

Business-wise, it is pretty

But do we want Facebook dominating the metaverse?


Jokes on you…

I am kinda into this kinda stuff

This is like Libra all-over-again

  1. He saw the trend coming a mile off (crypto in Libra’s case)

  2. He put together a pretty sound plan to capitalise

  3. regulators stepped in and said facebook is too power

There’s just no way Facebook could dominate the Metaverse. It is already an uncontrollable beast

If you dig deeper, there’s actually more to it than meets the eye:

Per Business Insider, a Facebook spokesperson affirmed that Zuckerberg “did not believe the metaverse was something one company could build or govern alone.” Instead, the spokesperson noted “it’s a collaborative movement that must take developers and creator communities into consideration to be successful.”

Facebook is in prime posotion, bit is at the same time veeeerry dystopian

To be fair, Zuck always sees it coming


Zuck saying he wants to be a part of the open metaverse

Was like when he said he wanted to “connect the world”

But what he really wanted was to get people fucked up on conspiracy theories


lol zuck at it again :joy:

Facebook now going all in: