Cramer explaining the metaverse lol

“Its all based on Nvidia”

Give this man a goddam raise

Job well done - absolutely great work.

Mind blown.

No, I mean it - my mind has literally blown out of my head due to the profound nature of what he has said


“I listened in on the unity conference call. So, the metaverse is… you have Oculus on, you see this guys shirt in virtual reality and then you’re like - hey, I really want to buy that shirt.”

Indeed Cramer


If we are the true knights of the metaverse, yet shall he be burnt at the stake

One step too far @Boiler1010?

@Boiler1010 - you sir are what we call in these parts - a ‘mad lad’

Cramer - oh dear lol

Cramer is the definition of the guy who you do the opposite of what he does…

Short his longs and long his shorts

could not find a closer definition of boomer