China - The Metaverse Beast

In the West, talk of the Metaverse has already gotten folks really excited. But has anyone been paying attention to what Chain can bring to the table?

Here’s a quick table.

Firstly, they have Tencent, arguably the most well-placed company to profit from the metaverse. Here’s a cool graph showing all of Tencent’s metaverse related investments:

Bytedance is hot on the heels investing in competitor “Reworld.” The exact thing that happened with TikTok/Musically will happen here. China will copy Roblox, improve on it, unleash it on to its 1.3 billion people and then unleash it on the world.

I’m not yet sold on China. The hype has gotten out of control. They have crazy debts and 80 million apartments sitting doing nothing. Not what you want when most of the population believes that investing in real estate is a safe way to invest money…

ngl, reworld looks pretty slick

I would play reworld tbh

Despite the terrible name :joy:

Executive 1: its a virtual world where all you dreams come true… it just needs a name

Executive 2: We finish up in two minutes, I am BOILING and need a fucking beer. Lets get this wrapped up now.

Executive 1: But, we’ve …

Executive 2: I’m THIRSTY AF. Okay, let me think, world, it’s a world, virtual world, short for vworld, ryhmes with knee world, teeworld, reworld, fuck it lets go with reworld. Reworld. Reworld. Fuck it, Lets get some beers…

Executive 1: Do you honestly think…

Executive 2: It’s called fucking Reworld. Now come on.