Beeple And The Metaverse

Every time I read anything about the Metaverse, or NFTs, every article starts with Beeple making $69m…

I don’t know exactly how the Beeple deal was formed, but I get the feeling that very clever promoters hyped the hell out of Beeple. I listened to the Andrew Steinwald podcast with Metakoven and he said he was splitting all the Beeple tokens into B20 tokens.

I would put my money on B20 cleverly pumping the hell out of Beeple to then pump the tokens. That worked in March, but it has not worked out so well since then:

Short-term skeptics have the knives out and are ready to say NFTs and the metaverse are just 2020 fads. That the beeple thing was just a once off

Both of these things will be asbolutely huge. Early metaverse worlds like Second Life show that amazing things when you combine virtual reality with free market economics

We will get there

We are just not there yet

Could not agree with this any more.


Short term, hype be crazy. Long term, hype be justified

Short term, have lost my shirt in crypto. Long term, will be swimming in cash

Short term, am having nervous breakdowns because my crypto investments are 99% down. Long term, will be spending so much time going to the fucking moon people be calling me Sputnik

Short term, I just lost my inheritance in four seconds investing in DOGECOIN. Long term, my great great great great great great great great great great grandson will still be gifting his grandson the family DOGECOIN as inheritance in the year 2500.