Anyone know of any newsletters on the 'metaverse'?

Im getting into “metaverse” stuff, but cant find the right info…

Anyone got any ideas on where I can find newsletters on the topic?

Toughy. but I got a few contenders:

1. Metaverse Weekly

This is an espresso shot of metaverse bnews - no bullshit commentary, but good info

2. New World Notes

A blog for hardcore virtual world peepz. This doesnt have much crypto stuff, it’s pure virtual worlds

He doesn’t actually do email. Follow here if interested:

3. Google Trends

Again not a newsletter, but google trends with “metaverse” is sick

Another cool newsletter is Not Boring by Packy


It’s got some Matt Ball approved articles crypto stuff like DAOs, De-Fi etc.

Its not pure metaverse, but its still very good


Matt Ball probably kickstarted the metaverse craze. Check: