Anyone invested in Taker? Its a cool way to monetise NFTs

Just came across Taker token a few days ago, so dope

We were speaking about it before. If it works according to plan - yes, its very very cool.

My question is how you can value NFTs so quickly. So, the process goes like this:

  1. You submit your NFT

  2. Lenders all make a big for it

  3. You accept and the loan goes through

My issue is: how can someone value an NFT so fast. Obviously, things like virtual real estate in prime locations is key. If you own cryptovoxels land in Origin City (currently sold out), everyone knows that"s worth as lot. How can you quantify the other of more abstract stuff? Does some stuff even have a value?

It would be better as a person-to-person bartering system almost

Instead of having large scale lenders on the other side of the trade. You have people who see value in the item you have. They lend you the money and if you re-pay, they’re happy…

If you can’t repay, they are okay with getting the item…

Seeing this crypto economy emerge is just so fucking cool