Anyone get any Metaverse books?

I am getting into the idea of the metaverse… anyone got any non/fiction books on this topic?


Edward Castronova - Synthetic Worlds

Okay, it doesn’t have Metaverse in the title and the first sentence doesn’t reference Ready Player One. Nevertheless, this book is pretty mind-blowing and I would highly recommend it for metaverse nerds.

Here are some of the insights I loved:

Synthetic World Will Have Huge Impact
Jamaica had a population of 2m people, but itv gave the world reggae. Synthetic worlds already have a population greater than Jamaica. In May 2020, Fortnite had 350 million players.

The people who immerse themselves in virtual worlds are highly educated…

Virtual Worlds Almost Never Die
Perhaps most interesting about these developments. With few exceptions, virtual worlds never go away. `this is absolutely astonishing in the context of games, where an industry rule of thumb holds that approximately 95% of titles fail and disappear from the shelves within six weeks. By contrast, the seven year-old world of ultima online still has more than 1500,00 paying subscribers… synthetic worlds, it seems, almost never die. P.56

Addiction a big issue for players of Everquest… this ties into the idea of metaverse being where the less well off get addicted to an alternstive realty.

The Economics of Virtual Worlds
-they cost a lot to build, but not a lot to run. You don’t need many subscribers to keep a world going…the cost is upfront in building the world…

Network effects are on display: if you switch worlds, you lose your network – just like switching social media sites…and you cannot transport reputation systems…

All this means synthetic worlds can lock in users…

Ed is a beast. Would recommend this as well:

This was written in the heyday of bitcoin, but when it was very niche. So Ed had not idea how big crypto would become

A lot of the predictions he envisaged, have happened…

A great book!

Ed straight up bringing us dat good shit: