Africa Will Be The Metaverse Capital Of The World

Africa is host to the youngest population in the world. It has the most gen-z kids compared to any other region, therefore Africa is primed to be the crypto/metaverse capital of the world…

This is already happening. Akon is doing some fucking wild stuff in Africa. He is creating a city which will use Akon Token - a $6 billion dollar token. It’s supposed to be a sustainble smart city powered by Akoin - see what he did there???

Here’s the man himself on crypto in Africa:

Africa is the next crypto frontier for many reasons:

-Africa has the world’s youngest population and it will double by 2045.

-Africa has no real legacy infrastructure. Therefore, it can leapfrog other developed nations.

-Crypto can empower people with big ideas to make things happen…

Crypto puts power back in the hands of the people…


But yeah seriously:

It’s time for Africa!!!