A few thoughts on metaverse ERC20 index funds


There are so many crypto projects jumping on the metaverse hype. There is now even a metaverse “index fund” (lol) with some questionable allocations…

Here it is:

A few things jump at me Axie Infinity has an absolutely enormous at 18 fucking percent! No one has been able to prove Axie is not an enormous Ponzi featuring shit Pokemon knock-offs…

Okay it makes a lot of money. But so did Beanie Babies in 2000 dot-com bubble era (still hodling btw)

Again MANA at 8%. Okay Decentraland is a big project. But it is completely empty in there. The volume is basically people YOLOing the token. Virtual Land has been tried and successfully tried at that with Second Life. The founder’s realised it was absolutely critical to building a community. I doubt they think much of a project which is one enormous YOLO.

Then absolutely no allocation to $RNDR. $RNDR provides rendering power within a blockchain network of GPUs. How do these people think all the virtual goods and worlds will be rendered exactly?

No mention of $GOLEM, who has set itself the ambitious task of providing computing power to the network!!! I mentioned $GOLEM because it got a shout out in Outlier Ventures open metaverse report:

$ENJN is a very worthy contender. I have no problems with the allocation, might have added more myself tbh

Anyway knights…

I am going to create my own list of metaverse tokens in the days head, ranking them with my own rating system

Stay tuned!!!

Are you could actually go all in and buy the metaverse ETF: